Kumawood actress, Vivian Jil has disclosed why she has remained silent throughout the claims of snatching her lover, Ntiamoah.

Most people were anticipating violence when it was revealed that Tracey Boakye’s husband was Vivian Jill’s ex-boyfriend, and she also vowed to speak at the appropriate moment, but I think she has changed her mind as she has finally chosen peace over the drama most people were expecting.

She claims to be a woman of clean hands and conscience, so she leaves everything to karma to do her dirty work for her, implying that she isn’t ready to talk about whatever happened between herself, Tracey Boakye, and Frank Badu anytime soon.

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We must all accept Vivian Jil’s choice and let her be until she is ready to talk about anything she wants to say, but by declaring she will allow Karma to do her dirty work for her, it is clear she isn’t going to talk any time soon.


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