Adu Safowaa, an actress and social media pundit, made some embarrassing comments about Vivian Jill that have sparked outrage online.

The outspoken and provocative actress claims that Tracey Boakye was successful in snatching Frank from Vivian Jill because the half-caste actress refused to be sexually alluring despite having an angelic face.

In an interview with a youtuber, Adu Safowaa asserted that Tracey Boakye would not have been able to steal Frank from Vivian Jill if she had undergone plastic surgery in order to appear sexier.

She continued by saying that Vivian Jill now looks like an elderly woman since she is heavy and no longer takes care of her physique.

Vivian Jill was then advised by Adu Safowaa to have plastic surgery in order to seem younger and more attractive because her current bloated figure is out of proportion to her age and status.

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