Efia Odo

Efia Odo, a controversial socialite and actress, claims she has never been religious and has always been spiritual.

recently admitted that she does not attend church. She said that she had quit attending church because she did not know what Christianity was all about.

She also admitted believing in the existence of God and Jesus Christ but stated that Christianity is complex as there are so many contradictory doctines within Christendom. “I used to attend church when I was young, I would follow my mum to church but as I grow up, I stopped attending church because I don’t really understand what this religion is all about,” she said when hosting a show at Kwase TV in 2021.

Efia Odo may have been considered harshly by many individuals based on her lifestyle or fashion choices. She has drawn criticism for not being spiritual. However, it appears that Efia Odo’s reputation is unjustified.

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Efia Odo has recently revealed that she is more spiritual than religious. After a fan questioned the actress about doing her bible studies since it seemed like she had been posting more religious content recently, the actress responded by saying that she was.

“U are more religious these days, are taking some bible class? Have a fruitful day”, the fan tweeted. In response, she tweeted back, “I’ve never been religious, always spiritual”.

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