Baba Spirit

Sad report picked from the internet has it that well-known comedian and radio presenter Baba Spirit has reportedly kicked the bucket.

Baba Spirit was well-known for his contentious demeanour and for appearing on television to host spiritual programs. He has had disagreements with a number of prominent figures in the field.

The comedian and actor reportedly passed away at Kotoko medical facility, a hospital in Kumasi, an Ashante Region suburb. According to reports, the comedian fell unwell and was hospitalized but passed away.

Remember the day when and Ayitey Powers fought? It happened live on television. The two arrived on UTV for a program, and during their heated conversation that followed, a fight almost broke out.

Ayitey Powers’ statement that Baba Spirit had been sent by the devil to trouble him and his other harsh words caused the two to start fighting. Since then, the two have engaged in a number of altercations on different social media sites.

Our condolences to the family. May his Soul Rest In Peace.


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