nigel and fameye

Prophet Nigel Gaisie, the founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, has criticized musician Fameye for being ungrateful.

The great man of God claims that once gained fame, he even forgot about his existence and the crucial part he played in the success of his career, despite the fact that he had prayed and fasted for him before he became a well-known performer.

In the birthday message he wrote for Fameye on his Facebook page, yelled and lamented how disappointed he was with Fameye.

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He wrote;

 I prayed for him to be big by the mercies of God coming back to say Thank you, Jesus, bless you a prophet of God is EVEN A PROBLEM.

“It’s your birthday, I pray for you that you will give God his due and appreciate the people who as it were helped you on your way to becoming who you are now Fameye… PNG”

See screenshot below:


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