, the founder and leader of the Universal Spiritual Outreach Society, has made a contentious claim regarding collecting cash from the ground.

Anyone who enjoys collecting coins from the ground will be plagued by ghosts and will live in poverty until they pass away, according to the prophet Ajagurajah.

The leader of the Ajaguajah Movement asserted during an appearance on Abusua FM that anyone who picks up money off the ground owes duty to the local spirits.

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According to him, monies on the ground are not by mistake but are placed on the ground intentionally for spiritual reasons because rich people don’t even go about throwing money on the ground. 

“That guy who dropped the money cried when he realized he had lost the money. He didn’t drop it intentionally. You have been praying and asking for money and you saw it and took it. Didn’t you?”

“You have to go look for whoever prayed for you or whichever power allowed that to happen, and thank them or else you will keep paying for that debt till you die.”

He further asked, “Have you realized there are people who complain their salary even finishes before they receive an alert? It’s because they must have picked money through this means. The spirits will deduct even before it hits your account.”

Source; Dklassgh.Com

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