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The World Has Evolved, And Institutional Rules Must Be Reconsidered – Lydia Forson Preaches



There has been an argument on social media in Ghana after the Ghana Bar Association refused to call Ms. Ama Governor after she went through law school and passed because of her alleged behavior and affiliation with homophobia.

, who believes the Bar should reconsider its decision and admit the lady to the bar, has realized that every institution has its own set of rules and regulations that must be followed. 

Below are a few of the series of tweets by preaching the same message.

“Every institution has rules” lol. Do you understand that rules were made by man and not God? Do you understand that the world evolves and so should laws. It's the same argument you made against the Rastafarian. Some of you would have left us colonized by “rules” if you could

This is about human rights. A persons, se.uality, religion, ethnicity, tribe etc and what makes them different should never be used to deny them of opportunities. Anytime you condone this, you give permission to someone to do same to you.

I can't believe just how much we're clinging to archaic colonial rules that weren't made to benefit us,but to destroy and oppress us. Do you ever take a moment to just reflect on this continent and wonder why we're still here? Your history didn't start at colonization.

You can not say you want a better Ghana, but simultaneously fight against a better Ghana. Or is it that you want a better Ghana that benefits only you?



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