Lilian Afegbai
Lilian Afegbai

made the contentious claim on social media that a man is not taking his life seriously if, before getting married, he does not own a home and a vehicle.

She said this while expressing on the Toke Moments show her desire to be with a man who leads a comfortable life.

The Big Brother Africa alumna asserts that she is financially secure and hopes that her partner will be able to forgo paying rent in favor of purchasing a home.

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Lilian, however, asserted that she is not looking for a billionaire because, in reality, such a standard might be too high.

She claimed that buying a home in Nigeria didn’t necessarily require having a lot of money because she was already making a down payment on her own house.

A man who cannot afford to buy a house for himself is unfit to be with her because it shows that he lacks mental capacity, the movie diva continued.


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