Having children is better than getting married - Brother Sammy
Brother Sammy

Concerns have been raised after Ghanaian gospel singer advised against marriage in an interview.

He believes that having children is preferable to marriage because children never abandon their parents, whereas one person in a marriage can leave the other.

He went on to explain why he prefers children to marriage.

“As for me having children is better than getting married. Because if you are bedridden, your children will be beside you, and your wife or husband can decide to leave you for another,”

“Couples have turned into enemies. So I will tell someone that marriage is good but don’t rush. Children are a huge blessing because some are on a relentless pursuit to have some of their own. To me, it’s better to have children than get married. Marriage has killed many people,” 

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As a result, he advised young people to take their time before making a decision.

“Marriage is cool, but the advice I will give everybody is to not rush into marriage. It’s a cage. Don’t rush into marriage because some people have married and are dying,”

The following are some of the responses from social media users to Brother Sammy’s advice on marriage and having children:

Kofi Owusu Mensah – Now that those self-styled prophets are so quiet in the system he’s doing everything humanly possible to take their place. His folly has reached a crescendo

Promise Qortiah – Is he saying that because probably he’s in bad marriage.Its unfortunate statement coming from him.”Anointing is different from Wisdom”.

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Yaw Odei Benefo – Honestly this man has never said anything sensible da…how did the Gospel music get to him – mo ma Nyame som y3 din kraa dodo!!!

Ankomah Aryeh Kennedy – Shutting up is better than talking from your stomach especially when the brain is on flight mode!

Daniel Abrahams – Because u got a bad wife u think everyone is bad?? Use your head waii. Some women meet bad men. Just pray you meet a good person!!!

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