Christabel Egbenya
Christabel Egbenya

, a Nollywood actress, has created a stir online with her recent marriage advice to the youth.

According to the actress, a man who truly loves his fiancee or girlfriend will not wait to get money before marrying the young lady, but will borrow money to marry their partner.

She stated on her talk show about what men should do when they want to get married but do not have the means that many men end up breaking up with their girlfriends whom they have dated for years because they do not have the money to marry these women.

“Recently I have been so busy with the baby and other engagements that’s why I have not been active, This issue is very urgent so let’s trash it urgently, the girl has been on my dm so let’s talk about it ASAP.

The truth is that a man who genuinely cares about a woman will never waste her time. It’s unfortunate that most people spend up to 4 to 5 years in a relationship before ending it. They will be dumped by the man. A man who truly loves and cares about a woman will not waste time settling with her.

Source: Dklassgh.Com

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