Wanlov the Kubolor
Wanlov the Kubolor

, a Ghanaian artist, has lost a case against Mantse Aryeequaye, the Chief Executive Officer of Chalewote Street Art Projekt.

Remember that Wanlov the Kubolor accused the Chalewote CEO of being a sexual predator and abusing women in 2019.

“Mantse Melvin Nii Aryeequaye of AccraDotAlt, Sabolai Radio Music Festival, Chalewote Street Art Festival & Redd Kat Pictures is a woman beater, woman abuser & a sexual predator. He picked the wrong person to intimidate,” Wanlov stated in a tweet at the time.

Mantse Melvin filed a lawsuit against Wanlov the Kubolor in response to his allegations against him.

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The judge stated in court that Wanlov “appeared to be naive and did not exercise the best of judgment” in making those allegations.

“He appeared to have allowed his popularity in the arts industry to have clouded his judgment on the occasion,” the court added.

“I think the defendant even though liable to pay damages must not be destroyed with punitive damages of that colossal amount that can destroy his talent in the arts community. As a result, and way of ‘go and sin no more, I shall award by way of general damages a compensatory sum of GHC50,000.00 against the defendant in favor of the plaintiff,” the court said as part of its judgment.

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“His assigns, agents, privies whatsoever and howsoever described from any further publication of the said libelous and defamatory statement or any similar words or statements of the defamatory of the plaintiff.

“I would award costs of GHC5,000.00 in favor of the plaintiff,” the court added.

Source: Dklassgh.com

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