I feel like it’s cool,“People still think I’m Nigerian or Kenyan - Camidoh
 I feel like it’s cool,“People still think I’m Nigerian or Kenyan - Camidoh

explained to Cookie Tee on TV3 New Day that the topics for his songs are inspired by him.

He also stated that, while people, including his mother, have asked him to write songs about social issues such as galamsey, he prefers songs about life and love.

“I feel like I make records about life situations and all of that,” he said. I once wrote a song about how people make decisions.

All of that is something I make. But not in the developmental sense. I only write songs when I’m inspired to do so. And I believe that God places various agendas in the hearts of different people. So, when I’m blessed with a particular topic, I create it.”

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The ‘Sugarcane’ hitmaker also stated that he does not mind being labeled as a Nigerian or any other country other than Ghana.

He said this mistaken identity makes him feel he is getting the needed attention and love.

“People still think I’m Nigerian. Some think I’m Kenyan, but I feel like it’s cool. It’s okay because, the fact that they even look at you or study you and think a certain thing about you, it feels like you have their attention. It feels like people love you and that is the only reason they speculate. So it’s fine.”

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Camidoh has released a new song called ‘Slow,’ which features Nigerian musician Magixx and is available on all music platforms.

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