Lydia Forson

In a series of tweets by actress to motivate her fans to stay positive and not believe all they see on Twitter, she has written a lot about how she moved from grass to grace and also revealed that she may never forget that she came this far coming from an average home.

In the series of tweets, she wrote:

See I didn't grow up rich, and don't consider myself rich by any means. I grew up in an average home, and thanks to my parents,the work I do and luck,I've had access to a lot of things. But I'm still a hustler. It's why I know what so many of you are going through.

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I didn't always have a car. I used to stand in line and pick trotro, until I could afford taxis and then a car. I've lived in a one bedroom apartment, until I could afford more rooms. I've been there and know the struggle and it's why I never want to forget my past.

So many people make money and immediately forget what their life was like without it. I don't. I always remember. It's why I speak on the things I do, because I remember what it was like to stand in line for hours waiting on a trotro.

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