Ati Zigi
I'm Older Than Him? - Anita Akuffo Asks As Ati Zigi Celebrates 26th Birthday

Lawrence Ati Zigi, the goalkeeper for Ghana, had a great birthday celebration on November 29, 2022, while competing in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

While Coach Otto Addo made his way over to his side of the table to present him with a dish of cake, his teammates sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

A lighted candle was set on top of a chocolate cake for the dessert. A wonderful note was placed as a garnish on the dish to provide some flavor.

Excitedly, Coach Otto Addo set the cake on the table in front of Zigi, cleared a seat for him, patted him on the shoulders, and then turned to go.

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After all of this was revealed in the media, it was revealed that the goalkeeper who saved the Black Stars from a number of goals in the 3-2 win over the South Koreans was only 26 years old and out of shock, Ghanaian media personality Anita Akufo was asked on Twitter if she was older than the Ghanaian goalkeeper.