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Abiba Locks Reacts To Langabel's Allegation Labelled Against Her

Abiba Locks, the person accused of being responsible for the Black Stars’ early elimination from the 2022 World Cup, has at last spoken up.

She claims that the allegations have helped her brand soar and given her the global recognition for the clothing company that she has always desired.

According to Abiba, the fact that she is now well-known on a global scale would help her attract clients and boost her income.

She stated this in a video she created in response to allegations that the Black Stars’ early elimination from the Qatar 2022 World Cup was due to her poor luck.

In a shocking video that has surfaced online, , who was at the Black Stars’ training camp in Doha, asserted categorically that this isn’t the first occasion that Abiba’s misfortune has prevented the senior national team from moving on to the next round of any major competition.

He furiously brought up five other occasions (Brazil, Equatorial Guinea, etc.) where the squad was performing admirably up until Abiba showed up at the camp to fix the players’ hair, and the results were nothing short of a complete disaster.

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In the video, Langabel, who appears to be more knowledgeable of Abiba’s activities, also claimed that he had instructed the team management to fire Abiba from the Blackstars’ camp due to the unfortunate circumstances that had occurred.

Replying to him, Abiba said:

“People cannot understand my growth.” They cannot stand the successes I am chalking up in my chosen career, especially because I came from nothing. I want to thank God for taking a nobody like me and making me somebody.

My father left my mother and me when I was three months old. It’s my mother’s blessings that have taken me this far. My madame auntie Alice, who taught me this work, has been an immense blessing to me. You have helped pave the way for someone like me. Whoever helped me along the way, I want God to use this issue.

“Langabel, God should bless you for making the whole world know me. I’ve been praying to go international. I’ve received calls from several people after you made those allegations. I want to state that his claims are not true. I did nothing wrong, and I didn’t do anything that led to their early exit from the World Cup. This is a planned thing to soil my reputation. The players who sought my services will go far. God should use my tears to help propel their career.”

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The Black Stars have helped me so much. They have shown me too much love. I think that it’s about time we changed our attitude. The first time I had the opportunity to work on the hair of the Black Stars players was in South Africa. Sherifa introduced me to Wakaso. He scored three goals after I did his hair. He has helped me, and through him I’ve met Cardi B, Jedina, Mikel Obi, and others. The Black Stars have helped me achieve a lot, so there is no way God will punish the Black Stars because of me. “I want Ghanaians to know that it is not possible for a woman to come and sleep at the Black Stars camp.”

Source: Dklassgh.com

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