Fameye, the generally recognized singer and songwriter from Ghana, has expressed his outrage at how people see those from the “streets.”

He revealed to Doreen Avio on Hitz FM that, contrary to what many people have assumed, he is not from the trenches when he uses the phrase “streets.”

“Let me explain the street I’m referring to.” When we say we live on the street, we don’t always mean we live in a garbage dump.

The individual who uses the word will be able to explain what the street means to them if you require a clear grasp of where it is.

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“I don’t understand how individuals can comprehend things.” “If I claim to be on the streets, it doesn’t imply that I won’t accept work from JAY-Z or refuse to sign with Universal Music,” he stated.

He claims that it is because of the aforementioned “streets” that he has been able to support himself and his family, and he will often respond “the streets” when people inquire about his life or career.

He explained, “It’s how I have been able to live up until now, do shows, travel, and purchase the things I have today.”

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I’m living on the streets. We all came from the streets and have succeeded in getting to where we are. Do you understand? We must not forget. “Everyone and their interpretation,” he continued.

Source: Dklassgh.com

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