Thank you for making me more popular – Abiba Locks

, a Ghanaian hairdresser, has spoken out about the accusation made by drummer that she brings bad luck to the Blackstars whenever she visits the band’s camp.

Abiba claims that she has been working hard since she was a little girl, and now that things are going well for her, she is being accused of using her poor luck against the team.

Thanks to the Blackstars team, she is now able to make a tiny income to support herself and her family.

Abiba said in a video reaction that she has nothing to say to Langabel other than to wish him blessings from God for what he has done for her through his remarks.

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She claimed that she had always wished to be well-liked and well-known all over the world, and that her wish has finally come true because of Langabel’s remarks about her.

Abiba stated that Wakaso scored three (3) goals the first time she braided his hair for the team, and she wasn’t held accountable. She also stated that God knows she has a pure heart for the Blackstars.

She wished the Blackstars team well and predicted that they would succeed in all that they undertake because they had been kind to her ever since she began braiding their hair.

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Abiba said that the video of her sobbing would speak for her in opposition to all Langabel had stated against her.


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