Customs wants $10,000 to clear my products - comedian Michael Blackson says
Customs wants $10,000 to clear my products - comedian Michael Blackson says

, a Ghanaian-American comedian based in the United States, has lamented the high duties in Ghana while sharing his experience.

According to Michael Blackson, he has cousins in Ghana who are unemployed due to a lack of jobs in the country, so he decided to assist.

He revealed that he purchased things in the United States for $10,000 and mailed them to them to help them start their business, but when the shipment arrived at customs, they requested an additional $10,000 in clearance fees.

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He tweeted, “If you are planning on shipping anything to Ghana, be prepared to pay a duty fee as high as the thing you shipped and if you don't pick them up in a timely fashion they will auction your belongings. Why @GhanaRevenue ?”

“I shipped some old furniture by ship duty was $1500 that didn't bother me, later I shipped my 2014 S class duty was $16k that didn't bother me but 3 boxes of clothes sent thru DHL that cost me $10k and you want me to pay $10k to get it out? Now you going too far.”

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