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Wakaso Scored 3 Goals On The First Day Styled His Hair – Abiba Locks



Abiba Locks

Abiba Azu, better known as Abiba locks, recalled a time when Ghanaian midfielder Wakaso, scored three goals in a significant tournament after she styled his hair for the first time.

She made this comment in response to allegations that whenever she is near the athletes, she emits “bad luck.”

Abiba has previously been linked to supposed bad luck, according to Joseph Langabel, the Black Stars Supporters Union's head percussionist, who said it results in Ghana losing games whenever she is around the players or styles their hair.

These claims were made by Langabel in an effort to draw attention to a few factors that contributed to the Black Stars' elimination from the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup.

“I have been a member of the Black Stars for a very long period, therefore I am aware of team developments.” There is a woman who frequently makes hairdo adjustments for the players at the team hotel. They will lose every game when this woman named Abiba stops by the players' hotel room to fix their haircuts. “I'm astonished that she'll be at their camp from the evening until the following morning,” he told a reporter in Qatar following the Black Stars' loss to Uruguay.

Since then, Abiba has been seen responding to the charges and calling them fake on a variety of sites.

But she provided further information on the matter in her most recent interview with GhOne.

Abiba described the beginning of her adventure with the Black Stars in a portion of an interview that has not yet been broadcast.

It all began when Sherifa Guru informed me that Wakaso needed a hairdresser. I opened the way for myself by touching his hair first. When I initially cut Wakaso's hair, he scored three goals. We traveled a great distance. “FIFA paid for my trip to Qatar,” said Abiba.


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