Ati Zigi

In a video, Black Stars goalkeeper Lawrence Ati Zigi demonstrated that he was knowledgeable in lifestyle and fashion in addition to soccer.

The gifted goalie took the wheel of a pricey car. Ati-Zigi was seen driving an unknown vehicle, although the wealthy player is rumored to own a number of high-end automobiles. The price of the automobile is evident from its exquisite interior.

Ati-Zigi seemed stylish in his attire. The skilled goalkeeper was dressed in a long-sleeved black shirt under a bright white overall. wore a big New York City cap to go with her stylish ensemble.

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The appealing young man drove the car while jamming to a local song. During the FIFA World Cup 2022, Ati-Zigi rose to prominence.

He attracted Ghanaians' attention with his talent as well as his distinctive appearance and swagger. Some people emphasized how lovely ewes are.

Watch the video below;