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Dear High-Grade Family – Samini Writes An Open Letter To His Fans



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Emmanuel Andrew Samini, better known as Samini, the Ghanaian hiplife and reggae legend, has written an open letter to his fans on his Facebook page.

In the open letter, the “Linda” hitmaker made it known to his fans that this year they shouldn't spend much time arguing to defend his name; they should channel that energy into liking his posts, subscribing to his YouTube channel, et cetera.

He wrote:

Dear #hgf , I am highly disappointed but we move. The energy y'all spend fighting each other and arguing with each other over who loves and supports me the most , who knows me longer and who is my most loyal fan can be channeled into a more positive campaign if it's a selfless encounter. Some fans after getting close enough and getting management and the artists personal attention the level of entitlement rises from “fan” to “team member” lol. This makes a fan suddenly feel like they have the moral right to suggest and sometimes impose ideologies on the artist and team on how to run tings. All I know how to do is create music and perform it to my fans who value me and my craft as such.

High grade family is the oldest and longest running fan base in Ghana but as a fan base can you be honest and tell me if you really put in your like other camps do ? You are on FB shouting but you haven't subscribed to my YouTube channel, neither have you ever shared or liked or commented on a post to promote the brand. You shout for music videos and when the artist drops them you don't patronize it as you shout lol.

I'm not your regular internet artist exited about likes and trends and followers tho they set the tone of the day for hype and mediocre, I'm from the days where you only had to come to shows or watch tv in hopes to see your favorite artist.

I come from when “you ” couldn't suggest anything to “me” unlike todays Twitter and FB games . Let's let the artist be the artist and the fan be a humble and genuinely loving fan with no ulterior motive.

I come from when we used to sell cassettes and some of you fans today can testify your first encounter with my music was your mom or dads Dankwansere cassettes lol. I appreciate you for growing up to follow suit what you were born into.

Individual fans both old and new have expressed concern about separation in the camp and fans having personal issues with each other and are scared that might cost me a great deal of fans.

My response: real fans are real fans no matter what and they don't interfere with the “muse”.

If individual differences will separate wolfs from sheep I'll definitely be the one laughing in the end.

I no get time seff to read over this piece cus I'm abit emotional and in disbelief on how a so called family following one artist can be this divided.

How can I possibly address all my fan's concerns and please everyone,? I can't do any music if I focus on that. 2023 let's push and not our egos as ” most relevant fan “. Else you'll have to drop singles soon .

On a lighter note I'm planning a low key sitting…

Who are the janlabia boys and who are the underground fans nu ? . You guys eeh ooooo no no no. Let's not fight pls. Date loading soon.



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