Erkuah Official

Janet Offei, better known as Erkuah official, one of Ghana's most popular TikTokers, has mentioned that her first flight is in 2022.

In an exclusive interview with Ghanaian site, the TikTok influencer revealed that 2022 was her finest year since she got to explore various opportunities.

“It was my year, 2022. My year has come. In that year, God commanded Erkuah to “stand up and shine,” she declared.

Erkuah said, “It was my year because I had the most fun and I got to do things I'd never done before.” She provided further information, mentioning:

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“Like I learned how to drive.” As previously stated, I traveled extensively. I travelled. I sat on a plane. “It was my year.”

Regarding her intentions for 2023, she mentioned that she would be enjoying herself and having more fun.

She also gave her fans the following advice:

“Do anything you want right away.” Don't wait and say, “I've been waiting so many years to start it.” When the dollar increased, we were all present. Think about wanting to buy a car, having the cash, and saying you were waiting. Can you now purchase the car? No. “So, take action right away if you want to.”