Appietus Replies Zapp Mallet

Ghanaian music producer Appiah Dankwah, better known as Appietus, has advised musicians who record their music to seek professional guidance to produce high-caliber songs.

He asserts that musicians require the assistance of experts like himself because the majority of them are not skilled in mixing and mastering.

He claimed that “musicians who record, mix, and master have issues with their sound when the finished product is released.” I don’t want to identify any names, but the proof is unmistakable.

Because they have studios in their homes, it’s not awful for musicians to record, but I simply want them to do the right thing by hiring professionals to polish the finished product.

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Contrary to what many people believe, he asserts, he made his comments to ensure that the right steps were taken in the development of music, not because he was worried about maintaining his relevance in the industry.

I’ve been producing music for more than 20 years, and I’ve worked with musicians to make albums in Ghana and other countries. Many musicians are capable of combining music. But individuals who wish to produce works of high quality constantly ask for advice from specialists.

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“Those who value excellent work come to me for help mixing and mastering their tracks after recording.” “Most performers have home studios across the world, but they usually add a professional touch, so it is nothing new,” he said.


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