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Casmeiro Outweighs Partey – Rio Ferdinand




When comparing the two midfielders, Rio Ferdinand, the former English defender, thinks Casemiro “wipes away” Thomas Partey.

For Arsenal and Manchester United, respectively, and Casemiro have both had incredible seasons.

When represented Atletico Madrid and Casemiro represented Real Madrid in the Madrid derby in Spain, they frequently squared off against one another.

And this Sunday, as Arsenal prepares to meet Manchester United at the Emirates, the two will come into contact once more in the Premier League.

While acknowledging the value of both players to their respective clubs, Ferdinand claimed that Casemiro was on another level.

“I believe their teams' significance…Both points of view are debatable. The former Manchester United defender claimed on his podcast that Casemiro “wipes him away” when you look at the statistics, according to the Daily Mail.

“No, no, no,” Partey does not have the same defensive influence as Casemiro for Manchester United, in my opinion; he contributes more when the ball is in play.

“Party is acting more on the mark.” He is directing Arsenal's play. In fact, he's using passes I wasn't aware he possessed. It seems inconceivable that he has passed away.



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