Michael Owusu Addo, better known as Sarkodie, the Ghanaian rapper who was featured by Bob Marley in a song, describes how his perspective has changed as a result of growing up.

discusses how several milestones served as turning points in his career in an interview with OnePlayAfrican. listed his first performance, his first successful song, his first collaboration, and his first award as accomplishments in his musical career. He also said that while his priorities have changed with time, some of his fans may still be rooting for things that he doesn’t care about.

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During the interview, he said:

Every level has its highs. That was a thrill, playing on a stage. Hearing a hit song on the radio was high. Collaborations were a highlight. Awards were a high point.

The fact is that my high is not actually there at this time, which is terrible news. I can tell that some of the supporters are still insisting that I do certain things. I’m being asked to do things by the fans that, in all honesty, I don’t find enjoyable. They discuss collaborations and other things.

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“At this point, I won’t have sleepless nights because they say this guy wants to record a song with me, regardless of who it is. The sensation won’t be as strong at this time.


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