Okomfour Koleege
Okomfour Koleege

Kumawood actor Okomfour Koleege has finally spoken out about his late wife's death.

The Kumawood actor described the occurrences that led to his wife's death, saying she was extremely resilient and didn't exhibit any indications of weakness.

When Kwaku Manu spoke with him, he recalled how his wife urged him to wait until she was fully dilated before driving her to the hospital. He had noticed his wife was in labor when he woke up at dawn on a holy day.

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“My wife snapped her fingers as I woke up. She responded “yes,” but we should wait a little while when I asked her whether the baby was on the way. Since I didn't speak the midwives' language, I asked to go to the hospital in defiance of her opinion.

When that occurred, I asked a senior coworker of hers who worked with her and is a midwife to come over. He said that after she requested us to wait, she actually arrived, and then we loaded up the car and left for Kwadaso SDA Hospital.

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Okomfo Kolege claims that when he arrived at the hospital, the medical staff hurried in to help him with his wife, but it was obvious that she was strong and able to walk around independently.

“During her pregnancy or even while the baby was on the way, my wife never displayed any indications of weakness.” If they told you she was pregnant and that her period was due because of how tall she is, you wouldn't believe them. She traveled alone and never showed symptoms of weakness.

The actor said that after his wife was admitted to the ward, she emerged to admit that he was mistaken and that they ought to have remained at home for a little while longer.

“When she arrived, she informed me that she had only dilated two centimeters, not up to 10 centimeters. She estimated that it would be another four hours before the baby came. I couldn't accompany my wife inside since I am a highly sensitive person when it comes to giving birth.

Considering how sensitive I am, I didn't dare watch my wife give birth to our son or daughter. I care about my wife so much that I don't want to watch her suffer. In order to hear the baby's cries and open the gate to see them, I promised her coworker that I would stand by the gate and watch them.

“At that moment, you ought to have seen me.” “I was pacing up and down in bare feet while pleading with God to save me,” he said.

He and the hospital were joined after a while by some of his colleagues from the film business, but he didn't give it any thought. He was unaware that his wife had already passed away at the time, but they were all aware of it. However, none of them had the fortitude to inform him of the tragic news.

The senior physician from the hospital his wife used to work at also visited the facility while he was still waiting to see his son and entered the labor department.

He was informed of his wife's passing by this doctor.

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