and Adekunle Gold, the famous couple and singing duo, have received many positive comments online in response to a humorous video showing them hurling insults at one another.

, who just shared the video on TikTok, recorded the exchange in which she and her spouse slung insults and captioned it, “POV: You're married to an ingrate.”

The mother of one is seen in the video braiding her husband's hair while narrating how it is done.

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She asked her husband for his opinion on the hairdo and the quality of her work after plaiting the hair and adding beads to it.

Adekunle Gold mockingly suggested that she continue to create music since she couldn't make it as a hairdresser.

She was talking too much and moving too slowly while plaiting his hair, he said, which was inappropriate. In order for her to succeed as a hair stylist, he also recommended that she go learn speed.

The “Duduke” songstress responded, saying she was a little insulted by her husband's comment and that she would have cursed him if he wasn't the father of her kid.

“If not that I born for you, I would have said God punish you”, Simi said.

Watch the video below: