Amakye Dede

Veteran Ghanaian singer Abrantie Amakye Dede claimed in an appearance on Kessben TV that Nigerian musicians had progressively taken over the highlife music genre.

According to , highlife, which was once thought to be a Ghanaian music genre, is now mostly performed by Nigerians.

“Well, you know, if I want to state it plainly, I can tell you with confidence that Highlife has now turned to the side of Nigerians,” he remarked.

“The majority of us have been performing highlife music for a very long time,” he continued, “therefore the truth should be spoken as it is.”

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“We brought Ghanaian Highlife music since we were recognized for that form of music, but today it seems like Highlife is disappearing, yet Highlife will never die,” he stated.


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