lydia forson

Actress Lydia Forson stated that transactional s3x is typical and urged people to quit acting as though it isn't.

The Ghanaian claimed that many individuals trade s3x for survival rather than out of a desire to do so since it is “very difficult for you to tow the holy route” due to the system. She said that not just women are affected by this; men are as well.

Her remark was in reference to this week's news that a slay queen side chick had filed a lawsuit against his married employer at her NSS job for s3xual harassment after the deacon chose to take away certain privileges she receives from him.

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Taking to Twitter, she wrote:

So many of you trade s4x for survival not because it's what you want; but the system makes it exceptionally hard for you to tow the righteous path. I'm not judging you, I'm just saying STOP acting like women & men ( yes them too) aren't sucking d**k under the table for jobs.

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