According to unlicensed marriage counselor George Lutterodt, women whose rent is paid by married men should feel guilty about their complicity.

His remarks follow a lawsuit filed by a former female National Service Person against Ernest Kwasi Nimako, the chief financial officer of First Atlantic Bank, alleging sexual harassment and breach of contract.

Young women who live in rented apartments paid for by married men should feel ashamed rather than proud of their behavior, said the counselor on Okay FM.

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“Sisters should be ashamed of her (Deborah Seyram Adablah) because sisters who are lying in rented apartments that are being paid for by married men should rather commit suicide and die than be proud that a few sisters who live in accommodations are being paid for by a married man, and you are proud of her.” “Shameful people,” he said.

He also asked women in general what they could do to help guys besides having s3x with them.

What more do you have to give any man on the planet but s3xual activity? Answer it privately in your closet rather than saying it aloud, and be proud of it.

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