Kwame Dadzie

Kwame Dadzie, the Ghanaian entertainment journalist, has criticized Ghanaian musicians for being unappreciative of the local media.

In a Facebook post, Mr. Dadzie discussed how inconsistent and unappreciative certain Ghanaian artists have been with regard to the local media in Ghana.

Kwame claims that despite their best efforts, Ghanaian artists are continuously criticizing the media for failing to adequately market their work.

He claimed that whenever an artist has trouble establishing themselves in the Ghanaian music scene, they blame their problems on the media's lack of encouragement.

similar to how the media is blamed when an artist's career fails. work and abilities. The role the media plays in that is not mentioned.

The disgruntled journalist thinks that the media is only bad for select Ghanaian artists. He used the well-known Ghanaian descriptive term “Mo Tri So” to show his rage.


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