Following their most recent clash on Twitter, Ghanaian musician Yaa Pono (now known as Ponobiom) turned to Instagram to yell at his colleague Kwaw Kese once more.

On January 25, 2023, released a song named “Yard” which music fans referred to as a diss song for Sarkodie.

In the song, Ponobiom boasted about his abilities and declared that he was better than other rappers. He boasted about performing at events each weekend. He asserted that he had been the target of spiritual assaults and stated that several participants in the business are wary of him.

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In response to the song, also used Twitter to imply that Ponobiom should stop spending his time on a performer who is far more successful than him.

Ponobiom was enraged by Kwaw Kese's remark, and as a result, he went on Instagram Live to criticize the latter.

In a live video, the “uptown energy” leader called MadTime Music's boss “very f00lish” for interfering in a non-concerning topic.

Ponobiom contends that Kwaw Kese should not have spoken on the matter because he was not the target audience for the song.

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He continued by advising the “Dondo” singer to put his life first and support those around him, especially his brother Buda.

Source: Dklassgh.com

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