Kafui Dey

Rapper Sarkodie's collaboration with late Jamaican reggae artist Bob Marley has been praised by media personality Kafui Dey, who has urged Ghanaians to rejoice.

bemoaned the hateful remarks made about Sarkodie by some Ghanaians, which had shattered the lovely cooperation.

The host of the GTV Breakfast Show, who had expected Ghanaians to applaud Sarkodie, was perplexed as to why the rapper was being derided in his own homeland while other Ghanaians were praising this significant accomplishment.

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Sarkodie was contacted by the record label Island Records to perform a feature on this 50-year-old classic. There has been a lot of hatred as well as love, and I don't even comprehend the hate. Most of the hatred originates in Ghana.

I visited YouTube only to check what people were saying and from where they were saying it.

It's not about the illiterate remarks on Sarkodie's ghostly video. This is a commercial transaction; Island Records contacts the musician and arranges the collaboration. Ghana-Jamaica relations extend beyond music. “Let's help our own people; all this pointless conflict is useless,” he said.

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Source: Dklassgh.com

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