Ghanaian highlife great Kwesi Addae Poku, better known as Kwaisey Pee, has criticized the current generation of Ghanaian singers, stating they all sound too similar.

He says that these performers' excessive use of copy has made it challenging for the public to comprehend what they are genuinely accomplishing in the music industry.

You will hear the same thing every day if you listen to the majority of Ghanaian musicians. Thus, you are unable to comprehend their motivations. If Kofi's sound is similar to Kojo's sound and vice versa, it appears like we are moving in circles. In an interview with GTV, said:

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The treasured Highlife music, according to Kwaisey Pee, is now being infused with beautiful melodies to fit the current global music industry, which is another charge leveled against the new artists.

He said, “Highlife belongs to Ghanaians, but our brothers from the other side have hijacked it and distorted it in another way and then called it Afro Beat, and now we are following them to imitate them.”

“They've taken a different approach.” like how they composed their music. They now have more melodious music than we Ghanaians have because, in my opinion, we are more stacked. “It claims that we are completely lost,” he continued.

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