Salma Mumin

Many Ghanaian females would concur with actress Salma Mumin's view on spending money during a relationship, as she recently disclosed.

Salma asserts that although a man's money is for the house, a woman's money is for her and hers alone.

She claims that since he is the man and should be responsible for paying their bills, she constantly steals money from him.

But any money she produces is hers alone, and her partner would never receive a pesewa from it. Mumin asserted that this is the way the world is set up, using the Bible to support her beliefs.

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When asked in an interview how she earns money, the made the admission.

The actress aimed to dispel the persistent misconception that female celebrities solely get money from prostitution. She claims that her restaurant, clothing business, and relationship are where she makes her money.

She then declared she would willingly add her lover in order to prevent other people from doing it for her. So if you're dating Salma, prepare to spend money on her without ever receiving anything in return.

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