Abena Serwaa Frimpong Manso, the Ghanaian actress, and influencer also known as Shugatiti, has bemoaned the everyday hardships her employees have put her through ever since she opened her eatery.

emphasized some of the difficulties by claiming that her employees are erratic and tardy.

In an interview with ZionFelix, she described a situation in which all of her employees fled after she had given them their paychecks.

“My employees are capable of putting me through the ordeal.He or she is aware that they are supposed to report to work at this hour, but they refuse to do so, and when I threaten to take it from their pay, they become irate. There are individuals who leave their jobs after having money withheld from their pay but then return to apologize, she added.

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Despite all of this, insists that her employees are not underpaid.

Looking at this facility, how little it is, and the amount I provide my staff, I believe I am paying them well so far. Even my cook admitted to me that their pay is decent because she's worked in other restaurants and none of their pay is comparable to hers. “When the market is strong, I occasionally give my employees gifts of GHC20.00 or GHC50.00,” she emphasized.