Ghanaian singing group Keche has reaffirmed their commitment to maintaining their group's cohesion under all conditions.

They revealed this in a conversation with blogger Sammy Kay. They contend that while they do battle, they are aware of the goal of their trip.

According to Joshua, their ability to come together is a result of their mutual respect and understanding.

“We are aware of who we are; we are two unique individuals with diverse backgrounds who came together.” Keche is a business; it is so large that both Joshua and I work there. Although we are both employees of the Keche firm, Andrew clarified that we are not the brand itself.

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Additionally, Andrew said that occasionally they attend gatherings and activities without interacting. To pull off the charade, they put on a phony smile. According to him, most individuals do not genuinely care what they are going through. Just seeing them perform and give it their all is all they desire.

He continued by adding that they once argued before giving an example. Joshua contacted him at that time to tell him they had been hired for a concert with some decent money. He claims that he prepared himself, met Joshua, and went to the concert to perform.

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He claimed that they both wore serious expressions on their faces while acting. However, because the work needed to be done, they all worked together to complete it that day.


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