Fraud boys flaunt their money because they know they are thieves - Lydia Forson reveals

Just as was expected, the feminists have waded into the war between songstress Efya and rapper Blakk Rasta Beef, as Lydia Forson has run to the defense of her feminist counterpart Efya.

The disagreement began when Efya was questioned about Blakk Rasta during an interview on GhOne TV.

To the amazement of many, Efya replied to this inquiry by first saying she didn’t know the media figure and then asking whether he was a rapper.

Efya later acknowledged knowing him and called him a musician who does funny songs.

Blakk Rasta was enraged by what Efya said, so in response, he chose to attack her hard and say that she had let her lovely soul be damaged by her continual usage of heavy drugs.

Lydia Forson responded to the way the presenter of the midday show on 3FM spoke about Efya by saying that Blakk Rasta is just as entitled to his views as Efya is.

She swiftly added that while we can differ on topics as a society, we must never engage in character assassination while doing so. Therefore, the way he disparaged her was not really warranted.


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