Yvonne nelson

Yvonne Nelson, the well-known Ghanaian actress, is one of several who seems to have found inspiration in this remark during the beginning of their film careers.

In an interview with host Kafui Dey on GTV, she recalled how she founded her own production company. She said she started after receiving a one-year acting suspension.

Yvonne described the occurrence while she was a student at Central University College, juggling her love of performing with her academic obligations.

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This, she claimed, was quite a battle, and she showed her dissatisfaction during a production when, despite skipping school to attend on set, she was not required to shoot her role.

“Something occurred on Abdul Salam's set, and I voiced my displeasure.” I spent two days on the set without missing a beat, yet they did nothing with me.

“They failed to film my scenes.” I was studying at Central University at the time. I recall that Salam was aware that I was at school and that I had homework, tests, and essays to write.

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But I thought they were just ignoring me. There are so many females in line waiting to play what you are doing on the set that it doesn't matter if you are in school or not. Why, then, are you even grumbling?

So on the third day, I warned them, “Listen, if I show up tomorrow and you guys don't film, that would be the end of it.”

Even though Yvonne insisted she did not threaten anybody, she recalled how the event resulted in a one-year suspension.

“Salam became irate, and I fled.” However, I recall that Majeed Michel was on the set, and he recalls everything that transpired that day.

I returned, went back to school, and all I heard was that was being banned. She won't be able to act for a whole year. That's exactly what happened, she realized. 

Source: Dklassgh.com