Nana Agradaa
Nana Agradaa

Evangelist Mama Pat, also known as Nana Agradaa, has refuted allegations that she was hurt in a car accident on February 9, 2023.

Videos showing Nana at an accident site went viral on social media on Thursday, but she claims the rumors about her being involved in a collision were false.

She claims to have seen the collision and pulled over to help the victims; but, to her surprise, someone had videotaped her and posted a video of it online under a different account.

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It was false information; I haven't been in an accident. While some were using their phones to record footage of the collision, I stopped while I was moving to assist. She said in the video, “They didn't want to come down and help the victims.”

Nana aggressively proclaimed that she wouldn't pass away any time soon and flocked to websites that reported on her accident.

“I made the decision to leave my car in the parking lot and go aid them, but a passenger on a bus pulled out his phone to take a photo of me there. The news was reported by some idiotic blogs. “Fools, I won't pass away very soon,” she declared.

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