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I’m Proud To Have A Partner Who Understands My Job, She Reads Through My Script Before I Act – Majid Michel Reveals



Behind the scenes, actors and actresses go through a lot, especially those who are into semi-x-rated movies. They often have problems with their partners unless the one they have is an understanding one, just like the wife of actor/preacher Majid Michel.

Actor gave some advice to young people about choosing their partners wisely if they want to pursue a career in movies during an interview with Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz.

Majid admitted that he knew people who had been divorced because one of them could not abide the other's involvement in sexually explicit movie roles.

“There have been friends of mine who split up over movies. Despite his wife's opposition, the man wished to join the sector. Then she left after he ultimately did.

The personal roles that performers portray, Majid remarked, “could not be tolerated by her.”

Majid emphasized how fortunate he is to have a spouse who is knowledgeable about cinema and understands its ins and outs.

“I am fortunate to be with a partner who was raised in the movie. She is aware of the processes involved in making movies. She is very knowledgeable in every aspect. She has no issues whatsoever.

She reads the scripts in advance and is aware of the acting partner you will use.

When deciding to begin a career in cinema, Majid further stated that it is always preferable to pick a partner who is knowledgeable about the industry and would not cause you any issues.

“Partner selection is a crucial decision. It can make or ruin you. The partners are extremely important. In particular, the man



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