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Pork Meat Is Unclean And Attracts Evil Spirits – Sonnie Badu



Sonnie Badu, the gospel artist and founder of Rockhill Chapel, has advised Christians to exercise caution while consuming certain types of animals since some might render them vulnerable to all demons.

He claimed that some animals, especially pigs, were designated as unclean by the Bible, and as a result, Christians were required to avoid them.

He mentioned “pig meat” as an unclean food that draws bad spirits when speaking to his congregation.

“The devil must first gauge your spiritual appetite in order to reach you. Food is the main entry point for viruses into human bodies. Additionally, according to the Bible, some animals are filthy. What do you consider an unclean animal? In other words, when that filthy animal is discovered spiritually within you, the witch has easy access to enter.

“Anything that contains pork is impure!” Even when you order pork in a Chinese restaurant, the staff will keep asking you to confirm because they are aware of the type of animal you are asking for, he said.

He mentioned how devils typically prey on individuals who eat impure food,

“The moment the devils learn that you have consumed something impure, your spirit is immediately tamed.” They will arrive once you have gone to bed because you granted them access.

However, urged Christians to always pray before eating, pointing out that some of these meals, especially those purchased from restaurants, are made by demonic forces.

Some of you, the eateries you frequent, and the chefs serving you are agents. That is why it is accepted practice for Christians to pray before meals. “Some of you are so greedy that you don't even pray,” he warned.



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