Majid Michel

Ghanaian actor and preacherman Majid Michel has warned pastors to avoid assuring their flocks that all of their issues have been settled on earth.

Until one passes away, he believes, suffering continues. According to him, immeasurable suffering would endure unabatedly as long as people were alive. Pastors ought to stop telling their congregations such things as a result.

said in a TV XYZ interview that such statements are inaccurate since depression, which is also a form of sadness or difficulty, is something that people have to cope with regularly.

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“Pastors should refrain from assuring their congregations that their problems are resolved.” That's a lie; your problems won't end until you pass away.

Depression, according to him, is simply your inner soul telling your conscious mind that the situation we are in is not good and that it is time to move on.

He went on to clarify that experiencing depression is not a terrible thing and that people should not be alarmed if they do.


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