Yvonne Nelson

People who seek God indirectly rather than through their spiritual fathers are lazy, according to actress Yvonne Nelson.

She claims that many Christians place their faith in anyone who stands in the pulpit, regardless of whether or not they have been truly called by God. She stated that individuals should pray.

She said, “You can pray and read the word; there's no need to rely just on spiritual fathers to pray on your behalf,” in a statement made on Kingdom FM. People pay pastors to pray for them, which, in my opinion, is lazy since you can take care of all those things as a child of God.

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Yvonne believes that rather than being the house of God or a place of worship, the church is increasingly turning into a commercial channel.

Despite this, Yvonne does not disagree with the fundamentals of religion since she thinks God still speaks and still makes secrets about his people known.

Source: Dklassgh.com

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