Fraud boys flaunt their money because they know they are thieves - Lydia Forson reveals

Actress Lydia Forson from Ghana has cautioned her followers not to post illicit recordings and images of her using public restrooms on social media.

She claims to have lost track of the number of times fans have captured her using restrooms in public settings like restaurants.

She highlighted that it was improper behavior and expressed her annoyance at the people who enjoyed it.

She advised her followers in a different tweet to approach her when they see her in public places and respectfully ask for a photo or video.

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She continued by saying that, if fans gently requested it, she could be open to posing for a few photos or videos with them.

Taking to twitter, she wrote:

I've lost count of how many times I've used public bathrooms, especially at restaurants, and come out to see someone recording me.

Even as a fan it's wrong.

Imagine I did this to you and posted it on the internet?

Not cool