The death of Ghanaian winger Christian Atsu came as a shock to many because a lot of people didn't expect the man who does good to society to leave earth anytime soon.

Even though his death was caused by an earthquake that claimed many lives, some people also think that his death is not as normal as people think, especially for UK-based Ghanaian gospel musician, .

thinks that although Christian Atsu's death was the consequence of a natural calamity, he was actually murdered and haunted.

Sonnie Badu's post on Christian Atsu's passing may have appeared controversial, but it supported local sentiments held by many Ghanaians that a young person's death like Atsu's couldn't have been an accident.

The malevolent family and friends who allegedly plotted Christian Atsu's unexpected death by staging an earthquake that jolted areas of Turkey and Syria so it would look natural were referred to as “yaanom” by the gospel musician.