Sister Derby and Medikal

When singer Sister Derby's single “Kakalika Love” was released in 2018 amid her tumultuous separation with ex-boyfriend Medikal, a portion of the public, particularly women, were furious.

Derby claims that some ladies became enraged by her happiness because of her capacity to overcome depression and create money from a challenging circumstance.

Sadly, a lot of women were upset with me because I was joyful, had a great song, and was doing campaigns where I was awarding GH1000 to people each week because we had a sponsor who genuinely loved the song and believed in the brand. On Lynx TV, she said to Sika Osei, “I saw and heard that other ladies were angry—angry that I wasn't depressed.”

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Sister Deborah acknowledged her brother Wanlov The Kubolor for inspiring her to release “Kakalika Love,” describing how she turned lemons into lemonade when they were hurled at her.

Make something positive out of whatever life hands you. For instance, I released “Kakalika Love” after going through a very public breakup. “Kakalika Love” should be released at that time, according to Wanlov. “Kakalika Love” was already on tape. I was holding out for the proper opportunity, but I didn't want anyone to think I was answering back and forth.

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