Prince David Osei
Prince David Osei

For the first time in a while, people seem to have agreed to a submission by popular Ghanaian actor, , who has been under attack on social media for comments netizens think are not logical even though he's popular. 

Nonetheless, the Ghanaian actor cautioned people to use extreme caution when giving money to the needy.

He asserts that not everyone who calls themselves a beggar is truly impoverished and that assisting some individuals can cause you to pass away before your time.

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David Osei noted in a tweet that some of these so-called beggars may cause harm to those who are giving.

He emphasized the necessity for individuals to exercise extra caution and use judgment in their charitable activities because some of them can even kill the people who really choose to help before their time.

Taking to twitter, he wrote:

“Not every poor person deserves your help!! Be careful out there, before they kill you before your time!! #wisdom.”