, the -signed artist, has detailed the meaning behind the tattoos he has on his body, as well as his reasons for refraining from getting any more inked.

About KiDi's appearance, it is well known that he has numerous tattoos on his arm and chest that have been done to enhance his physical appeal.

He discussed each tattoo on his body and its meaning with Doreen Avio during an appearance on the Doreen Avio show.

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In his interview with the host, KiDi stated that he doesn't care what certain online commenters have to say about his tattoos and also mentioned his plans to get additional ink.

For my own mental well-being, I only choose to pay attention to those who find it sexy. I won't have any regrets in 50 years since every single one of them that I have on my body has a specific significance.

I adore them. I may consider acquiring more. He informed the host, “My mother told me enough is enough, so that's the only reason I'm not getting more.

Source: Dklassgh.com