, the socialite and nvdist from Ghana, has acknowledged that, despite having a powerful libido, she has never had an orgasm.

Despite having had intercourse with numerous men, said that none of the men she has ever dated have ever made her cum.

She acknowledged to Zion Felix in an interview that she simply enjoys the fun parts of sex and always wants to make out with her partner.

Shugatiti went on to say that despite the fact that none of the men have been able to cause her to experience an orgasm, their energy during sexual activity is enough to maintain her strong libido.

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You cannot satisfy me because I have never had a cum and I don't experience orgasm. My doctor responded that it was normal when I asked because not all ladies will experience orgasms.

“Because I don't experience climax, trying to make me feel good is out; you just have to match our level of activity till we tire.”

“I love having se.x; I love becoming drenched; I love the penetration and the way things go in and out.” I also prefer working long hours, like all day. I don't experience fatigue.

The people I have had affairs with all “match up with my energy, to tell you the truth,” she remarked.